I've always loved taking pictures. I can't say I was always good at it, but I've always loved it. As a 12 year old I chopped everyone's heads off. In my teens and twenties the resulting image never seemed to match what I envisioned as I clicked the shutter. Somehow, none of that ever stopped me from trying. I even carried around a retro Fuji Instax camera for a year, shooting everything in my path - and I mean everything. My children were embarrassed. I received strange looks from people in the eyeglass store when I thought the display looked artful. Produce workers wondered if I was from some certifying agency investigating them. What I didn't realize was that during this "crazy camera lady" period of my life, I was picking up skills. I got pretty good with that little instant camera, and to this day some of those images remain my favorites.

Still, beginning this venture as a "professional" photographer came as a surprise to me. People and science being my first loves, I had focused on obtaining a degree in psychology. Several years later, obtaining that degree, as well as minors in sociology and philosophy, I believed I was set to continue down the path of graduate school, saving people and the world for the rest of my life. Once I made it there, the same thing happened to me that happens to millions of other people who think they know what they're doing - I suddenly knew I wasn't in the right place. It was time to reevaluate. In other words, sit depressingly in pajamas wondering what to do with myself. Fortunately, it didn't take me too long to find the answer; especially considering I was self portrait-ing the depression.

Now, I look for creative ways to combine the two things I enjoy most: psychology and photography. I devote a fair amount of time trying to create portraits that are more than the typical "smile for the camera", and candid moments hold deeper meaning for me. I also revel in photographing everyday life and it's surroundings, so, while I've graduated from an instant camera, I still bring a camera everywhere I go - it's just slightly less embarrassing for the kids now.

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